Online Backup

Online Backup

Online Backup has in recent years gained ground on all our technical units, and is often called “Cloud Backup” as a concept.

The concept implies that data is moved from the local computer or server to a backup service out in the Internet.

It might seem like a fairly simple service, but there is reasonable advanced technology combined with heavy encryption (security) data to follow.


We offer our clients to rent access to our Veeam Backup client application, which can place on computers and servers in their company, beyond that we already guarantee leased servers and services with the same solutions at our own datacenter locations.

Veeam Backup is a scalable and flexible backup solution that works on all platforms in Windows and Linux operating systems.

Disaster Recovery Services (DRS)

Part of our own ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification requires that you receive and maintain a Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) strategy, which implies that clearly informs about backup methodology and maintain / implement this as described in the Strategy.

Meet us without obligation

We welcome all companies to contact us to organize a completely informal meeting where we can come and hear about Your thoughts and wishes for a backup strategy, which we can convey our thoughts here.

Contact us final on +45 – 70 23 00 45, or by filling out our online contact form by clicking on the link below. We will contact you as soon as possible thereafter.

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