Dedicated Virtual Server

Dedicated Virtual Server

Virtual-Server-illustrationThe concept of dedicated Virtual Server (VPS) belong under Dedicated Hosting, the idea has occurred against the background of the genesis of large infrastructure solutions where customers share the infrastructure without causing loss of dedicated hardware resources, including the possibility of extending the resources in line with a dedicated physical server.

In other words, as a customer assigned a shared dedicated server, including hardware resources such as RAM, hard disk space and processor, which is not only to use the infrastructure on which the virtual bodies are located, as other customers also are located on them.

Unlike Virtual Private Server (VPS) products, is dedicated Virtual Server based on that you dedicated access to hardware resources one has been assigned.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All of our dedicated server solutions are governed via our Standard Level Agreement (SLA) agreement, unless a customer needs special conditions added to the agreement, where we are able to offer a contract addendum in which the extended terms are specified.


All of our technical solutions are maintained by use of the newest technology and hardware solutions available


All our dedicated server solutions are automatically patched with all the latest security patches, when they are released

24-hours-phone-icon24/7 System Monitoring

All solutions are constantly monitored and our 24/7 standby technical staff will respond to any incident that may occour


Our online helpdesk and support system ensures that inquiries are directed to the right service technician at all times

settings-icon99,9% Uptime Guarantee

All technical solutions are governed by our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA), which includes a 99,9%, guarantee


All dedicated server solutions are secured by the latest antivirus and security scanning methods, where systems are checked and treated for open security holes

Virtual Server without “over commit” problems

It is a common issue that hosting providers generate problems for their dedicated Virtual Server customers, as many hosting providers allows customers to “over commit” virtual instances for Virtual Private Server (VPS) .

Since this is a dedicated server product, this should not be allowed, as both RAM, hard disk and CPU (processor) resources are precisely dedicated.

The problem is that “over commit” allows multiple customers to utilize the exact same RAM and CPU areas, which can cause major problems if all VPS servers extend their hardware resources to the utmost, quite simply resulting in not enough resources available to do all this, because of the technical “over commit” setting the hosting provider allowed.

We do not allow “over commit” on our dedicated Virtual Server products, as we consider these servers as a service completely in line with a dedicated physical server, where you have the entire machine for yourself.

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