Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

A dedicated physical server is almost the oldest server product a hosting provider can come up with in today’s hosting market, with most servers today are virtual servers.

However, there is still a great need to hire dedicated physical servers when the virtual bodies can not deliver the power and juice as dedicated hardware can.

Physical hardware still has the lead when it comes to the operation of the web and SQL server solutions with a large number of visitors and editors.

Here comes virtual servers simply to short, but can still play a small role as an extra Web and cache servers when, for example, is a major technical Web Content Management System (WCMS) solution.

Design of hardware

Dedicated hardware found in all shapes and sizes, so it is with choosing the right option when you order on a physical server, as there often is a desire to scale hardware device at a time when resources become scarce, as the requirements for the increases.

Let’s meet and share our expectations

We can offer a wide range of dedicated physical servers, but recommend most often a meeting before ordering takes place, as there usually is a longer rental period in which expectations of both quality, price and performance should be reconciled between us and the customer.

Please contact us on +45 – 70 23 00 45 for more information or meet us for an informal meeting where we can review the technical infrastructure and align expectations for same before you place an order.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All of our dedicated server solutions are governed via our Standard Level Agreement (SLA) agreement, unless a customer needs special conditions added to the agreement, where we are able to offer a contract addendum in which the extended terms are specified.


All of our technical solutions are maintained by use of the newest technology and hardware solutions available


All our dedicated server solutions are automatically patched with all the latest securitypatches, when they are released

24-hours-phone-icon24/7 System Monitoring

All solutions are constantly monitored and our 24/7 standby technical staff will respond to any incident that may occour


Our online helpdesk and support system ensures that inquiries are directed to the right service technician at all times

settings-icon99,9% Uptime Guarantee

All technical solutions are governed by our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA), which includes a 99,9%, guarantee


All dedicated server solutions are secured by the latest antivirus and security scanning methods, where systems are checked and treated for open security holes

Options of hiring a single server

If you choose to rent a single dedicated server, although it is virtual or physical, will be depending on hardware sensors included could implement various applications and functions.

Here are a few examples.

  • Combined web and SQL server, such as Apache / MySQL or IIS / MS-SQL server
  • Collaboration server, such as Microsoft SharePoint
  • E-mail server, such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Cache Server, such as Varnish Cache Server
  • Load Balancer
  • VPN device


Options by renting several servers at once

If you are renting multiple servers at once, you can build a variety of different technical solutions.

Below are a few examples thereof.

  • A Microsoft Active Directory (AD) setup with domain controller including AD Trust and VPN against own location, file and print server, SharePoint, CRM and Exchange mail server
  • A Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, consisting of AD server Dynamics server and SQL server
  • A Remote Desktop (RDP) solution with virtual desktops to its employees, consisting of AD servers, file and print server, SharePoint, CRM and Exchange mail server
  • A Sitecore Content Management Server (CMS) solution, consisting of web server, SQL server and Direct Marketing Server (DMS) in combination

It is only your imagination (and the economy) that sets for what you can use a dedicated server, and most customers we talk to has also already have a good idea of ​​what they want, which allows us to advise on the technical level, so that they achieve an optimal solution from the outset.

Contact us

We offer a no obligation meeting where we can discuss the solution that best suits you.

Are you interested in becoming distributors of our products and services, you are also welcome to contact us immediately.

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